Rei Kawakubo founded Comme Des Garcons (which means ‘Like Boys’ in French) in Tokyo back in 1969. It has since become one of the hugest labels with many streetwear lovers repping the classic CDG heart logo.

I managed to pick up a pair of the Comme Des Garcons x Converse sneakers second hand off Depop for an absolute steal. After chucking them in the washing machine they came out pretty much good as new. I wanted a pair as they’re so neutral and go with just about anything, but the little heart print peeking out on the side gives them that individuality compared to a standard pair of Converse. They also feature a super spongey insole, and the infamous Chuck Taylor Converse logo on the inside.

These sneakers are the perfect mixture of retro footwear and high-end fashion. Not only are they just cool and stylish, but it’s a brand created by a woman who doesn’t feel that fashion needs to be pretty to be beautiful.

“I make clothes for a woman who is not swayed by what her husband thinks.”




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